Thursday, September 12, 2013

[VeganMoFo!] Day 12: Two-Step Tofu

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Some days you just need to eat something without having to put too much effort in, right?

1/2 block of tofu, mashed up in a bowl
your favorite peanut sauce

1. Dump peanut sauce all over the tofu
a bowl of tofu with peanut sauce on top of the tofu

2. Mash it up again.
bowl of tofu with peanut sauce mashed in

I've been eating tofu this way since before I stopped eating meat. It's still my favorite way to eat tofu. Okay, maybe it is my second-favorite. I'll share my favorite later in the month.

In case you were wondering, this is my favorite peanut sauce: House of Tsang Bangkok Peanut Sauce. It is very hard to find. There is one grocery store around here, the Malvern Wegman's, which carries it. The only other places I've ever found it are the South Side K-Mart in Indianapolis, and a Korean market in my parents' hometown which has recently gone out of business, to the great chagrin of those of us who have been shopping there for over 20 years.

It's the best peanut sauce I've ever had. I can't even make peanut sauce as good as this stuff, so if I can find it and afford it, I usually don't even bother. It's just that good. It used to be called "Padang Peanut Sauce", so when I saw this stuff on the shelf and the other stuff no longer there, I freaked out a little bit, but then I bought this and it turned out to be the exact same thing.

jar of House of Tsang Bangkok Peanut Sauce

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